Life in a Glass Capsule.

Out There…
A face-less world awaits me.
Crowded with rainbow-masked people,
all wearing their own veils of fury,
hiding fear stricken faces from me.
they search me on a barren world
To reveal the bare inside me.

Trying to tear my face-off,
In order to wreck havoc upon the good,
They scratch my cover,
with pieces of the sheet of reality,
which long ago shattered by visionaries.
Using the dark sledgehammers of hope,
They bang on the outer-shells,
fantasizing ’em breaking the locks of radicalism.

I’m tubed within & encaged inside.
Protected from the silicon outside…
protected from what’s not abnormal.
This is my safe of being safe.
This is my life…My own way of living…
Life inside a capsule of glass.

© Pamuditha “ZEN” Anjana


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