Shattered Realism.

Deceptions are at large.
what you see, hear, smell, feel
is not as it may seem…

forging your beliefs into,
the path of reality…
merging them with,
unseen and unobserved mysteries…

“they” find it easier if you,
obey at once…”they” know that
disobeying is much harder
not at first, but still the same…

Believe this, though it doesn’t feel right!
what we search is no more,
what we need is no more,
no more is now what you only know.

only one path left to tread on…
one plan to make it all right…
create your own destiny,
your own future…

rebel against!
against the lies
before your eyes…

giving up everything you want,
forgetting everything you’ve learned,
leaving everyone you love,
trusting nothing, but your instincts…
renunciate…or consecrate yourself!

become the force you want to be,
become the sun you want to be,
give the sight & the light to the world…
Force the mind to make the difference…

From your thoughts,
Erase the world…
you’ll be the difference!!!

© 2010 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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