They do Indeed.

One day…Not sunny, nor gloomy
at a dust washed park bench, where
I used to meet my shadow, and
talk about circles until recently

I met this innocent bystander
a poet and a preacher, he was
sitting on the wooden bench, silent
doing nothing except counting clouds

“What’s you doing, O’ innocent bystander?”
“Is you counting the bastards up on you?”
Ignored me completely, he carried on counting
wearing a blank expression on top of an empty one

Give up that easy, I absolutely did not
sat next to him, hoping for the best
looking up at the few grey splatters
trying to fix some connection between us

The silence got louder, whilst he
the preacher/poet, kept doing what’s worth
and what wasn’t, for me until suddenly
I jumped from inside, yelled “Enough already!”

“You’re the first I talked to, in years of loneliness!”
“Isn’t it rude to ignore a person completely?” asked I
He simply gazed at the blue sky frowning, drowning
in to a most calm pensive sleep with open eyes

Without even looking at where I was, not moving
slow as a gazelle running through the barren deserts
breaking the ringing silence, vibrated his vocal chords
“Lad, try to keep in mind…new pages do smell good!”

© 2011 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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