Far Away

I was feeling more than okay
until up to that darn day
Not even a single grey cloud
was blocking my minds way

I kept on thinking all day
and making my own say
of the few things I knew
and the things I didn’t say

I felt like a sewer rat in a daze
caught up in this rat race
I couldn’t find any way out of this
even a way to match this pace

Not giving out all of me, they say
how dare, they even complain?
after all, this life’s supposedly mine
I like dancing in heavy rain

every time I try to break out of this cage
I’m falling in to a bigger cage
But It’s exceptionally hard for me
to walk away from this rage

I’m feeling like a flabbergasted nut
now, not that I’m complaining much
but in continuing this circle of life
I’m losing the litterateur’s touch

© Pamuditha Zen Anjana 2011


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