The Junction

The ways…

They are getting clearer.
The moments are suggesting,
you go on
without looking back.

My mind says,
follow me…
I’ll guide you
through the darkness.
I’ll show you
the way to succes.

My heart says,
follow me instead…
I’ll give you

I ask myself
Doesn’t success bring
Doesn’t money bring you

Isn’t it the way,
the right way to proceed?
To lead yourself through?

There was one time…
A time,
when it was
so simple.

It was clear then…

But now,
it’s a mere blur.
Blur of so much ways…
A junction.

I must choose…
Before I continue,
my journey,
An expedition,
through unknown depths…

A journey,
through my mind.

© Pamuditha Zen Anjana 2011


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