Between the thin line

He was a bright, happy, smart kid to begin with
who always kept to himself by the dried lake
playing with the rainbows and butterflies
messing with the true colours of the world

So one gloomy Sunday boredom went to see him
to let the kid taste how bitter the reality really is!
but unexpectedly, the boy kicked the boredom in its ribs
and the boredom laughed so hard that its teeth fell off…

The good thing is after that day the boy learned one thing
he learned that boredom is a one ticklish son of a bitch!
so of course he, the boy kept doing what he loved doing
without giving a rats-arse about the rest of the god forsaken,
cruel, rat-trap of a world which he knew was surely out there

He yelled his lungs off at the empty, cloudless skies
jumped as far as the moon and breathed some fresh air,
swam through the seven oceans, walked a thousand miles,
flew over the skyscrapers and winked at the cute girls
who stood open mouthed, staring at him, behind windows
and rode the lightning across the tallest mountains

and so finally when the moments stood up on him
he simply refused to lose to the jumbled mess of confusion
which each and everyone out there refered to as life.

© 2011 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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