What if everything you ever wanted
throughout all your lifetime, beckons
and falls right in front of your feet
like stars fall to earth from heavens

Feels like it’s, once in a lifetime moment
and you really don’t want to let it slip

Your heart tells you to seize the moment
reach out and grab it, secure it
but motionless like a statue of cold stone
your mind makes you stay and hold still

It’s a heart over the mind matter, a plus for the soul
so suddenly you just try to grab it and never let it go

But the moment slips out from your grasp
it escapes from your fingertips and flies away
to join the light that’s already out there
and you’re just left alone to chase the clouds away

But the stars keep on falling and it’s not rare
just that we don’t see them for what they are

So embrace your life and live it to the fullest
there’s always another time for each and every test
things will happen even if you don’t want them to happen
World’s not messed up, it’s just us and our ways that are

© 2011 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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