In My Own Eyes

I consider myself…
as vast as the empty skies
and soft as the bright moonlight
as deep as the blue oceans
and refreshing as the chilling breeze

Everyone thinks…
I’m delusional and say I think too much
but I can’t help it, and I keep doing it
not because I’m precarious or insecure
just that I’m really afraid of losing

I really hope…
that I won’t be too late to embrace life
that I’ll be able to pronounce the words
rather than speaking ‘em in my mind
that I’ll be myself not someone else

Now I feel like…
I’ve arrived to a place where there’s light
reached somewhere I can breathe at ease
some place where I can call my own sanctum
some place where my heart can feel again

© Pamuditha Zen Anjana 2011


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