You, Me

Since the beginning of time
there was you, and I
and of course him
(We can not leave him out of this, can we?)

but, he was a nobody
a nonentity in my eyes
for my love is a whole universe
timeless and never-wavering

maybe I was forgotten
under the shade of rusting memories
under the spells of the wicked
(Still, I was there, in a corner of your heart!)

while, there I patiently waited
you were arguing with your heart
trying to figure out what I’m up to
and trying to see the depths I’d go

I would, any depth, if you wanted
you already know that, you do!
it’s too simple, maybe, complicated even
I can wait, as long as you want me to!

but my heart is losing breaths, love
when you take away the slightest of hopes
it crawls in the dark, yearning for you
(But know, no matter what, I’ll be here, always!)

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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