Just another Morning

Smiled a few dew drops, sparkling
splashed on the already wet ground
thrown off the thin pine leaves, that
sway to the rhythmic early breeze

I walked alone, bathing in the glamour
of the blurry rays of the winking sun
following the hushed applause of
a buoyant troop of forget-me-nots

I saw you, in a skip of a heartbeat
sitting on a decaying tree root
trying to pretend like you didn’t
notice me, like I didn’t matter at all

I decided to wait, under the shade
and look at you from there, neither near
nor far, but really close to your heart
as close as a darn stranger can be

Suddenly down fell the darkness
blinding white streaks of light danced
across the newly united earl grey clouds
and roared the sky at its highest

you, in a split second, was holding tight
on to me, your long fingers curled on my chest
breathing heavily, looking for a sanctuary
and me, I was breathless, stunned, mesmerized

deep, into your mischievous blue eyes, I stared
whispered how much you meant to me, my life
I know I mattered at that moment, but only until
I saw, my dreams reflecting on the grey ceiling.

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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