I’ve been thinking in circles and triangles
trying to help you figure out the feelings
mine were already figurative to you, but
added yourself, subtracted him and divided by me
equation would’ve been balanced for the time being

Oh! But to you, my love was just, an aura
never seen before, a touch never felt in the heart.
it was there even before the time itself existed
nothing to change about it, turn around,
crawl back or change myself in that case

More of that or lesser self-respect
then enter the heroine, not the drug
but in a way you were, I was addicted
I wasn’t the villain, not the hero either
not in your eyes at least, sigh! Smiles

I watched it all burn upon my inner eye
triangles and squares, feets and acres,
whole books and empty sheets of memories
thinking in circles again
thinking is circled now

Love is deviant in ways that seem impossible
beautiful and unequivocal than the most
but no one gives a rat’s arse, do they?
Consumer zombie minds, Hah! Dead walking!
Welcome to the future bro! My friend told me

Time do changes most people
so do feelings that slay the time
nothing stays the same for that long
but I wasn’t the most, you knew it all along
thus the dilemma, I figured, I understood.

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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