Seconds Away

Here’s to the times being unfair
to the spontaneous choices that one makes
as for you only live once… not twice
here’s to those wise words they said once…

“Do make sure that each and every single moment counts!”

Troubled minds never saw no bright future
only doubled their troubles and lost in a bubble
only those who never wished were granted their wishes
yes, doesn’t make sense… But if it did, it’ll all be too easy,

won’t it..?

Let the soft breeze dance with the strands of your hair
Dear one… Let there be light in your eyes, forever
catch and hold on to those smiles before they fade away
and fail not to see through the pretexts of those wild souls

Lay your Trust in me!

Here’s to the idiots with Big Dreams
trying to reach out for the utterly unreachable
always looking for change in the making, thus
here’s to the memories they preserved

“So again, my dear memory collector,
he’ll hold on to those until he dies!”

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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