So, I Held on

Where was here
when I traveled back
in search…
in need of hope…

Time ridiculed me
when, I needed life,
needed you…
just to breathe in,
inhale… just to love…

Moment by moment
as the time passed us by
the windows closed, and
the doors got locked, even
walls rose up from the Earth

I got lost without a key
and you didn’t want me,
to follow you… to be,
your shadow, the only one


Where was then
when I saw it all written
deep within your eyes
it shook my soul…
my core… and I fell

Tell me that you don’t!
You don’t love me
you cannot, and I know
eyes don’t lie, and
I know what I saw.

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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