With a hollow heart
I followed you to the moon
and back
with a flash
riding an enchanting comet
plummeting down towards the Earth

It’s a hundred clichés
turned into one small message
a thousand thoughts
rolled on to one gloomy passage

But I loved you..

That much I did know
unless my heart lied to you
it doesn’t do
never did, never will
sad case scenario, you knew it

So here I am, tied in a crossword
a road of memories
lost and entangled on my own
dreams, and fears
a puzzle of insecurities
lost in numerous entities

But then again, I loved you..

With ashes of the past
I passed the thin layer of doubt
and hit
rock bottom
all hopes and notions lost
I went down under for a long time

Now, I’m back again
On my feet, with some remedies
rising with leftover dignity
from the ashes of the past
standing firm, standing solo
this is farewell my love…!

© 2013 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


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