Unwise Words

Smoke smoke smoke
Light the life away
Breath by breath
Inhale death

Live life to the fullest you say
But what if life doesn’t matter
When you don’t want to stay
What if all this is an illusion

Maybe I was right all along
We complicate things, us humans
Take matters into our own hands even
When we don’t want to change ourselves

Darkness engulfs me
While I sit on this emptiness
Counting passing smoke bubbles
When trust follows lies

They say life isn’t fair
True, but the falseness echoes
Throughout the well thought out lines
Life is what you make it to be

Smoke smoke smoke
End the life in just a few breaths
Take control or lose it all to chance
Fake control or delve in to romance

Seek the truth when it stares at you
Sitting naked in front of your shadow
You say life is about living
I say its about puzzle solving

Same side of a different coin
Heads or tails I gotta run
Smoke dies and the illusion’s done
Its filtered now…

© 2015 Pamuditha Zen Anjana



Within myself, I feel something stirring
I feel the presence of some anonymity,
the work of some unknown force,

In comparison, I feel I’m still, and still
like the calm sea before a storm,
like the silenced forest before a predator,

Deep inside, upon my inner eye, flashes
the darkest and the yet to be discovered,
the hidden and the deepest depths,

In Retrospect, I get a feeling, like
I’m missing the most important keynotes,
I’m letting all these facts pass me by easily,

They say, I worry too much, yet
I know, the waiting is far better than rushing,
holding my ground is better than falling back,

In circumspection, I know, whether
time will run towards the day of final judgement,
the earthlings’ll see the sun on the newest day,

That way, I find it easy, to follow
the self-righteous ways of the absorbed truth,
the self-imposed rules of the disclosed mind,

Thus, One day, in the future, not very far…

In conception, I’ll look straight at you, and shout
I’ve seen the depths of the most unforeseen of all,
and I’ve found the best way to end this enchantment,

© 2011 Pamuditha Zen Anjana


Just another Morning

Smiled a few dew drops, sparkling
splashed on the already wet ground
thrown off the thin pine leaves, that
sway to the rhythmic early breeze

I walked alone, bathing in the glamour
of the blurry rays of the winking sun
following the hushed applause of
a buoyant troop of forget-me-nots

I saw you, in a skip of a heartbeat
sitting on a decaying tree root
trying to pretend like you didn’t
notice me, like I didn’t matter at all

I decided to wait, under the shade
and look at you from there, neither near
nor far, but really close to your heart
as close as a darn stranger can be

Suddenly down fell the darkness
blinding white streaks of light danced
across the newly united earl grey clouds
and roared the sky at its highest

you, in a split second, was holding tight
on to me, your long fingers curled on my chest
breathing heavily, looking for a sanctuary
and me, I was breathless, stunned, mesmerized

deep, into your mischievous blue eyes, I stared
whispered how much you meant to me, my life
I know I mattered at that moment, but only until
I saw, my dreams reflecting on the grey ceiling.

© 2012 Pamuditha Zen Anjana