Neo – journey

I’m on a highway
Naw, not of hell
But somewhere close by
Plus its more wonderful
More than hell
That is

I’m looking through
Tinted glass
Long roads winding through
The hulking mountains
Strong winds on my face
On second thought
I think it’s coming from the AC
On the bus

Long and wide
Forever kind of landscapes
Rolling on both sides
Blue skies and tree lines
A nature’s spell

Free as a Bird, a bee
Or a man that can fly
Not with wings
But with a red cape
The super kind
Wink face

Of course I’m on a bus
Where else would l be
And so, I’m flying
Far away from the rubble
Of a crowded city life
Away from the rotting place
That we call our homes

Life is moving fast
Now that’s not that fast
You might retort
But it is actually
It’s as fast as a bus
Speeding through the highway

Did I tell you that
we are on a bus?
Ah yes, I forgot
I got two or three
Friends with me
Don’t tag me on that
Video in which
I’m also in bro


© Pamuditha Zen Anjana 2015